About FEQH

FEQH was established in 2006 under leadership of Mr & Mrs P.P.Gadgil. Many veterans like Mr.Kumar Ketkar, Dr.Mrs.Snehalata Deshmukh, Mr.Pradip Bhide, Mr.Sharu Rangnekar, Mr.Achyut Godbole, Mr.Kiran Shantaram, Dr.Jaydeep Tank, Dr.Anand Parihar, Dr.Sanjay Oak were the first to join this forum and now are on advisory panel. We have formalized the trust by registering it as a ‘Not for Profit’ society.

The mission of FEQH is to:

  1. Validate the performers in healthcare.

  2. Motivate them to continually improve and adhere to Standards.

  3. Assist society, Insurance Companies, Corporate in selecting healthcare providers.

  4. Involve all stake holders in developing quality healthcare.

& the vision is to:

Take Healthcare to new heights where by society should look at it as “a safe neighbourhood Clinic”. The logo registered for this purpose is “Cliniq 21st ”.

FEQH promotes various activities to improve quality by using tools like 5-S, Poka Yoke, Kanban, for working level staff and tools like 6 thinking hats, 6 Sigma, brain storming, SWOT analysis, Process control, for senior decision makers. All the tools are developed for healthcare industry. We also have capabilities of making SOPs or orientation program in digital form, conducting Nursing Audits, arranging seminars on Lean Healthcare. Developing and maintaining CTQ (Critical to Quality) calendar is a unique service that is offered to healthcare industry.

We consult for following accreditations

ISAR Standard for IVF Clinics

Remote Administrator

Automated Emails

Standard for Nursing Homes

Competition results are out. To view, click here

Autoclave Management 1st Prize Women's Hospital

Autoclave Management 2nd Prize Bay View Clinic

Innovation Management 1st Prize Shroff Eye Hospital

Innovation Management 2nd Prize Women's Hospital

OT Management 1st Prize None

OT Management 2nd Prize Kamdar Nursing Home